Top 10 Most Searched Websites on Google

Top 10 Most Searched Websites on Google

Google is the most famous search engine. Millions of people visit it daily. In this article, I have listed some famous and most searched websites on Google.

1. Facebook the most searched website on google

Facebook is a social media website that is used by millions of people. The search volume is 151,500,000 each day. It is at the top of the Google search list. This social media helps to connect with their friends and family. It is also providing platforms for earning.

2. Youtube

Many people think that without YouTube their life is nothing. YouTube is the site of entertainment. The search volume of YouTube is 142,200,000.

3. Amazon

Amazon is an American multinational technology corporation. It focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence. It has been referred to as one of the top 4 or 5 technology companies by the share price. Search volume is 87,440,000. It is the most searched website on google.

4. Gmail

Gmail is a free email server build-up by Google. Customers can way in Gmail on the web. The total search of Gmail is 71,240,000.

5. Netflix

Netflix is the world’s important web entertainment service provider. It has one-fifty-eight million paid memberships in over one-ninety countries. People are enjoying movies, TV series and documentaries. Almost 26,860,000 people search Netflix each day.

6. Yahoo

Yahoo is the best e-mail app. It has many interesting features and viable to use. The search volume of Yahoo is 39,170,000.

7. Instagram

It is an easy, fun & imaginative way to capture, amend & share pictures, videos & messages with family and friends. Approximately 14,350,000 people visit Instagram daily.

8. Pinterest

Pinterest is an American picture sharing and social media website deliberated to permit saving and finding of in sequence on the World Wide Web using pictures and, GIFs and videos, in the form of pinboards. This website always provides inspirational ideas. Pinterest is one of most searched websites on Google with 10,640,000 visitors each day

9. Bing

Operated by Microsoft is the most searched website on Google. The total search volume of bing is 7,650,00.

10. Google drive

Google Drive is a document storage space and synchronization service that is developed by Google. The search volume of google drive is 16,810,000.

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